Next Virtual Wine Tasting

RESERVE Wine Tasting!

Friday November 5th at 7 pm

We have our next tasting lined up, this one is a bit different than our usual tastings!

We are putting together 6 RESERVE wines for you to try! The wines will be one white wine and five red wines, $45 to $100 retail price and we will try them blind! They will come in a package with 2oz of each wine to taste!

You can split a package with a friend, or you can each get a package – that is up to you!

These are very hard to get, limited wines, and all very exciting! I cannot wait to try them with you!

The wines will have to be picked up the day of the tasting, starting at noon!

All of this for only $85 a package!
Each package includes 6 x 2oz samples
Plus tax and deposit

Because of the nature of the tasting, we have limited amounts of packages available!

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