At Baseline Wine & Spirits, who we are, is a reflection of what we do. Our success cultivates from our passion for wine, and the customers we meet every day. Evolving from the dream of one-day opening a relaxed premier wine boutique, we wanted to introduce a new way of wine shopping to the Edmonton market. With this common goal in mind, we set out to make our dream a reality and in 1998, Baseline Wine & Spirits opened its doors in Sherwood Park.

Today, we’re proud to say we’ve created a friendly and welcoming environment that allows our customers to feel comfortable every time they walk through our doors. Our love for what we do shows in our commitment to providing professional customer service and education through all our services and interactions.

We are constantly striving to offer the best in product range and value, providing thousands of different labels, including some of the world’s rarest gems. Along with our extensive wine selection, we also carry a wide assortment of spirits and beers, as well as regular tasting events in our unique wine tasting room.

We feel lucky to have the jobs we do, and hope that you’ll join us on our journey for a wine shopping experience unlike any other.