Marques de Caceres Crianza

The 2016 Tempranillo is a Crianza, and aged 12 months in French and American oak. Every year they use 25% new oak and keep it in rotation for this balanced and harmonious wine. Attractive color with luminous highlights. Soft spice and refined oak on the nose with a depth of jammy red berry fruits. Luscious and intense on tasting with pleasant tannins that mingle with fresh and mature fruit. Finishes with delicious, long-lasting flavors.

Losada Vinos de Finca Mencia

The history of Bierzo dates back to Roman times, when Pliny the Elder mentioned it as a premium region for Vitis Vinefera, or grape vines. After centuries of producing world class wines, helped by the prolific growth of monastaries (monks loved wine!), the region was almost completely wiped out by phylloxera in the late 19th century. The economic devastation was so bad, that many people left the region completely, as wine was the main industry and most wineries closed or were abandoned.

What makes the region so special is it has an incredible micro climate that is perfect for growing grapes, and in particular, Mencia – the region’s undisputed star. Over two thirds of the vineyards are planted to Mencia, and only recently has the region and it’s star grape found international success. The region received its DO status (Denominacion Origen) in 1989, which is very late considering the storied past of the region. Today it is home to about 60 wineries spread across the region, making it a very small, but premium region in Spain.
Finca Losada is a modern winery, founded in 2005, with one goal in mind. To make the best Mencia wines possible, with some of the oldest, and best, vineyards in the region. They only make wine from the one grape, Mencia, it is their focus and their inspiration. The winery is completely modern and ecologically friendly, using gravity to naturally move the wine through the winery, and incorporates the environment for heating, cooling, and light throughout. Their vineyards use bush trained vines in their vineyards along with minimal intervention, in respect to both the environment and the tradition of history in the land. Absolutely no pesticides or chemicals are permitted in the property at all – they do not mesh with the philosophy of the winery!

This wine is made from a selection of vineyards across the region, from vines that are 40 – 80 years old! These high altitude vineyars produce incredible flavor and texture in the wine. They use slow, natural fermentation, to coax as much flavor out as possible, and keeping with the minimal intervention philosophy. The wine is aged 10 months in oak, in different sizes and origins, before being bottled, unfiltered.

The result is nothing short of spectacular. The wine is a deep bright cherry red and purple color. Aromas of plums, raspberries, cherries and other red fruit wake in the glass, with hints of vanilla, cocoa and spice.Full bodied, elegant and silky smooth, the palate is rich and wonderful, warm and inviting. It is fresh and round, very balanced and smooth with a long finish. A brilliant example of the potential of the Mencia grape, incredible for an “entry level” wine! This incredible effort is great right from the start, better with an hour decant and will easily last 5 years in your cellar!

Bodegas y Vinedos Valderiz – Valdehermoso Tempranillo

Bodegas y Vinedas Valderiz S.L. is located in Roa de Duero, in the heart of Spain, about 160 kms north of Madrid and represents 7 generations of vine growers. The vineyards consist of 60 ha planted by Tomás Esteban and 10 ha planted by his father in 1932, which have been successfully maintained. All vines have been grafted from the original vineyards planted almost 100 years ago.
In 1980, the head of the family, Tomás Esteban considered his options for making the most of their plots of land in Ribera del Duero. Located in Roa, the heart of this region, the vinyard began to take shape over the next 10 years with the efforts and devotion of his sons Juan and Ricardo Esteban. Bodegas y Viñedos Valderiz came into being in 1997, and it is now one of the most widely-recognized wineries in the Ribera del Duero.

The family is currently one of the forerunners in organic agriculture in the Ribera del Duero area. The total absence of herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers is the vinyard´s distinctive trademark. This practice has led to some forward-thinking to develop biodynamic viticulture and since 2000, a small area of land has been cultivated using biodynamic practices. The “Pago de Valdehermoso” is a vineyard situated in Roa where some of the most complex Tinta del Pais grapes in the Ribera del Duero region are produced, as certified by D.O. enologists benchmark analysis.

This wine, called “Valdehermoso” is 100% Tempranillo, locally it is known as “tinta del pais”. The grapes are handpicked at optimum ripeness and are naturally fermented in the winery, no artificial yeasts or any additives are used whatsoever in the winemaking process, allowing for a slow, natural process that shows the quality of the fruit and the vineyard. The result is spectacular, and the wine completely over delivers for the price! The wine is unoaked, and the dark fruit almost explodes from the glass with excitement. Dark raspberries, plums and cherries are at the front with hints of espresso and dark earth framing the backbone. This wine has lots of depth and complexity for an unoaked wine, and over delivers in spades! This wine is meant to be enjoyed over the next two years and will pair wonderfully with tomato braised meats, pasta dishes and cheese!

Honoro Vera Irreverent Red

The Irreverent Red is a unique blend of Garnacha, Syrah and Monastrell, from vines between 15 and 35 years of age. The vineyards are 700 – 800 metres above sea level and dry farmed, meaning no irrigation is used. The vineyards produce very small, but concentrated berries which allows for all the flavor in this wine! Each variety is vinified separately before being added to the final blend. It only sees a kiss of oak, a mere four months, to preserve the freshness and integrity of the wine. This wine is very expressive with loads of dark berry fruit elegantly presented with a plush texture and good density on the palate. Hints of spice and earthiness frame the dark fruits, and the wine has a long smooth finish. This wine is great on it’s own, or pairs great with roast meats, dried meats and aged cheese!