Stretch Drive Cabernet Sauvignon


Three great friends – One goal: to create something worth appreciating, like the time they’ve spent together. They searched for an area rich in heritage, resources, and committed winemakers which took them 2,297 miles west from their homes in Kentucky to Napa Valley. They traveled to California time and again. Wine was shared, stories were told, and their idea was born.  At the helm is Thomas Rivers Brown, one of Napa Valley’s most distinctive and acclaimed winemakers.

When turning for home, it’s the effort in the drive to the finish line that often determines which horse is the victor.

Stretch Drive is 100% Cabernet Sauvignon and 100% Napa Valley. While Stretch Drive is made in a similar fashion as its companion, Post Parade, it showcases another side of Napa Valley — soft, rich, and fruit-driven. It has a velvety mouth feel with more subdued tannins. Renowned winemaker Thomas Rivers Brown worked hard to create a wine of this quality at a price that every wine lover can afford.

Size: 750 mL

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