Dictador 20 year old

The initial sip is smooth and suave. Complex flavours form a nice harmonious balance making it difficult to unravel the lovely rich notes, and making it a rare treat to the palate.

You will find flavours of oak and caramel dominate the rum, but in spite of the age of the rum, (which is apparent on the nose), the oak flavours are not sharp, instead, the oak flavours have melted into the rum to become a yummy oak and caramel syrup that slides through the palate and carries hints of other the flavours with it. If one noses the rum as one sips, it is easier to distinguish the dry fruits, vanilla, an impression of maple, and the rich baking spices which are also part of the flavour profile.

Dictador 20 Year Old Solera Rum as an excellent example of what can be achieved through solera aging techniques when combined with masterful blending.

Vintage: 20yr
Size: 750 mL

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