Brugal Siglo De Oro

Extremely Smooth.  A noble, copper patina color and hardened amber taunt you in Siglo de Oro’s bottle, and once in your glass, some of the multitude of thin legs run at a moderate pace, while others lag behind and simply bead up, left behind to evaporate.  On the nose, a caramel bouquet is followed quickly by aromas of sweet smoke, fresh oak, dried tobacco and thin supple leather, copper, fruit (white raisins, mango and banana), mild molasses dunder, heavy bready flour pastry and nutmeg.  Initial tasting brings an unexpectedly refined rum, with a woody texture and caramel, followed quickly by delicious flavors to equal the aromas.  The tasting is firmly supported by a substantial medium-weight body, the perfect segue the semi-dry finish, with caramel and mild oaken vanilla lingering halfway down the throat.

Siglo de Oro is distilled from the molasses rendered from sugracane grown exclusively in the Dominican Republic, and aged solely in white American oak, ex-bourbon barrels.

Size: 750 mL

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