Canadian Rockies 21 Year Old Whisky

From the alcohol and wood aroma filled warehouse, we carefully select the aged Canadian whisky. These hand-picked barrels bear a common theme – a whisky that represents Canada’s spirit and taste.

While the purity of glacier water helps the distillation process, the ancient water also adds character to our whisky. The result is a balanced whisky showing layered notes of aged grain, cedar, pine, and hints of citrus.

The scarcity of aged Canadian whisky in the market means that Canadian Rockies whisky is one of the rarest bottlings available. The limited releases make collectors, and connoisseurs alike treasure each encounter.

92 Points Whisky Advocate

95.5 Rum Howler Blog

Canadian Whisky Of The Year and Overall Best Whisky Rum Howler 2015 Awards

Rating: 96
Size: 750 mL

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